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CStoreE-commerce platform for B2B

Ecommerce solutions for Wholesale

The wholesale platform fully integrated with popular sales and warehousing programs, including:

– B2B integration with Peoplevox
– B2B integration with Invoicera
– B2B integration with ERP Next
– B2B integration with Khaos Control
– B2B integration with Z Suite
– B2B integration with Wowdesk
– B2B integration with Horizon Technology Solutions
– B2B integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta)
– B2B integration with Comarch ERP XL, Comarch Altum, Comarch OptimaPlatforma hurtowa B2B
– B2B integration with SAP Business One, SAP ERP EHP
– B2B integration with Subiekt Nexo, Subiekt GT
– B2B integration with Asseco Safo, Asseco Wfmag / Wapro Mag,
– B2B integration with Enova
– B2B integration with Navireo
– B2B integration with Iluo Premium
– B2B integration with PC-Market Infosoft
– B2B integration with Small Business Symplex
– B2B integration with Stremsoft
– B2B integration with Symfonia Handel Sage
– B2B integration with Humansoft HermesSQL
– B2B integration with Kamsoft KS-SOW
– B2B integration with ERP ODL PolkaSQL
– B2B integration with RaksSQL
– The possibility of integration with any other sales and warehouse program.

Data synchronization scoper:

– Assortment (product information, name, index, attributes, descriptions, photos, etc.)
– Customer records
– Stock levels
– Individual price lists
– Offers
– Orders and their fulfilment status
– Settlements, among others invoices
– Available balance, credit limits
– Returns / complaints
– Ability to download other additional information.

The most important modules of the CStore Pro B2B platform

1. Platform in the form of a catalog for non-logged clients.
The customer without logging in can view the product catalog with access to the designated information. It is not possible to place orders, view prices and statuses.

2. New customer registration.
The new client can register to the system and wait for administrator approval,who confirms his account and assigns it to the selected discount group.

3. Individual discount thresholds and prices.
Information ondiscount thresholds and prices (including wholesale prices, percentage discount on a group of products, individual price per product and others) is taken from the financial program / ERP. It is also possible to set prices and customer groups at the wholesale platform level.

4. Term payments.
When placing an order, the customer has available information on the payment date, consistent with the settings in the financial program.

5. Stocks and date of availability.
The customer sees the available inventory or its range and information about the date of availability of the goods.

6. Credit limits and balance.
Possibility to place orders within the credit limit or above after the merchant has accepted the order.

7. List of orders and invoices.
Preview of the list of orders and invoices including the amount, payment dates, status of the invoice and the option to download the invoice in pdf.

8. Contact details for the merchant.
The possibility to contact a salesperson by phone, email or chat.

9. Merchants orders approval.
The order placed by the customer requires the approval of the merchant or it can be directly transferred for fulfilment.

10. The merchant has a preview of information about his clients.
The merchant has information about his clients and orders. The merchant has the option to modify the order, add the order on behalf of the client and log in to his account.

11. Recurring orders.
The customer has the option of defining a recurring order which is renewed on a specific day, e.g. Monday at 8.00 am every week for a specific period of time. A recurring order creates an order on selected products on behalf of the customer . If the order cannot be fully fulfilled, it will be partially submitted, and the customer and salesman  will receive a notification.

12. Hiding products for selected customer groups.
The customer sees product groups that are available for him.

13. Available APIs for clients.
Thanks to the use of the API, your customers have the opportunity to download the full product offer (including product files), download stock levels and prices, as well as the possibility of placing a bulk order. The customer can easily integrate his or hers IT system or online store with your online wholesale store.

14. Dropshipping cooperation.
Opportunity to cooperate with customers on the basis of dropshipping and fulfillment of individual orders, sent directly to the end customer.

15. Integration with the B2C retail store and service in one panel.
The possibility of a quick launch of the retail platform, intended for individual purchases. The whole is managed in one administration panel.

16. Offer module.
Preparation of offers at the ERP level by the merchant, automatically forwarding them to the customer in the form of e-mail and preview in the system. The customer can accept the offer from the email or system level and convert it into an order.

17. Sub-accounts for employees.
After logging into the platform, the customer has the option of creating a sub-account for employees. The employee has limited rights to view the offer without ordering or access to ordering without billing, or full access for excluding user management.

18. Dedicated promotional campaigns.
– option that allows to inform groups of customers or individual clients about promotions
– eleventh products for USD 1
– the cheapest product out of ten is free
– an additional percentage discount when the order’s amount threshold is exceeded
– when ordering from a certain amount, we add another product for USD 1

19. Loyalty program.
The customer collects points for the purchase according to the adopted model, e.g. 1 point for the spent USD. Customer points can not be exchanged for anything on the system. The administrator has the balance of points and the history of their collection. The administrator has the option of adding points or subtracting them (when issuing a prize, e.g. a trip). The second option of collecting points allows you to reduce the value of the next order in accordance with the number of points collected, eg when collecting a minimum of 1000 points, the value of the order will be reduced by USD 100.

20. System customization.
Customization of the system in terms of the specificity of your business. The possibility of additional functionalities and integration.